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Wakefield Main Streets – Letter to the Editor – July 16, 2018

The mission of Wakefield Main Streets is to promote and enhance the economic vitality, cultural resources, historic significance and the quality of life in downtown Wakefield.

As a group of volunteers, we are committed to helping small business owners take advantage of all of the resources available to them. Whether the resources are from the state, through Wakefield Main Streets or the town, Main Streets will work aggressively to assist them in seizing opportunities.

One of the projects that we have diligently worked on is the implementation of four (4) kiosks throughout the downtown area and along Lake Quannapowitt. Three, two-sided kiosks will be placed in strategic locations downtown to help promote our businesses. Additionally, there will be one, four-sided kiosk which will house a monitor similar to a TV on one side. The four-sided kiosk is an important part of the program for multiple reasons.

This kiosk will be just under 10’ tall, depending on how high or low it sits on the pad, which will be installed to secure the kiosk in place.  The kiosk will be installed by BlueBirds LLC in cooperation with, and with assistance from, the Department of Public Works and Wakefield Municipal Gas & Light Department.

A 25” x 40” monitor will be housed in one side of the kiosk.  The casing for the monitor will take up one side of the kiosk and the screen will be similar to the TV in homes with HD quality.  We have worked closely with the town to set parameters for its use. The monitor will be closed captioned when showing videos/promotions, and will not be in use 24-hours per day. We will work with the Town to determine specific hours when the monitor will be in use; however, it will not be during the overnight hours. Please be advised that the kiosk is not similar to what the DPW uses to notify us of events.

The Main Street Board has also allocated money to properly landscape the area around the kiosk with bushes, shrubs and/or flowers.

The kiosk project, and specifically the four-sided kiosk, is an important piece of the puzzle when it comes to supporting and building business in Wakefield.  Lake Quannapowitt continues to draw countless runners and walkers on a daily basis, many of whom may not be residents of Wakefield. This presents a great opportunity to make them aware of the great and unique shops and restaurants Wakefield has to offer.

As part of our willingness to work hand in hand with the Town, we hired Mark Faverman of Faverman Designs. Mr. Faverman has worked with many municipalities during his long career and his assistance, ideas, management and direction have been instrumental in the project. He was recommended by the Town so that the kiosks would fit into his Wayfinding and Branding Project, which will be implemented by the Town.

Wakefield Main Streets has held a substantial number of meetings with Town Officials and has conducted walking tours among its members to determine viable locations. Walking traffic, power availability, location of utilities, land ownership, ADA requirements and other factors were all considered when picking locations. We are confident that the best locations were chosen.

Finally, we would like to stress that this project has been done with a strong partnership between Wakefield Main Streets and our Town Administrator Steve Maio, Town Council, DPW Director Rick Stinson and Town Planner Paul Reavis, with involvement from WMGLD. All have been instrumental in the success of this project and have been a tremendous asset to Main Streets.

Regards, Wakefield Main Streets

Bob Mailhoit, President
Susan Wetmore, Vice President
Jeff Klapes, Secretary
Bob DiBella, Treasurer

Directors: Larry Andrews, Jeff Dodge, Liz Ferreira, Anthony Guardia, Esq., Ann Hadley, Jeff Kehoe, John Ross


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