Main Streets Matter


Wakefield Main Streets’ mission is to establish and promote downtown Wakefield as a vibrant, inviting destination by fostering historic preservation, economic renewal, and community involvement.

We all know where our Main Streets are, but do we know why they matter? Whether we call them Main Street or Albion Street or North Avenue, what these streets represent is universal. Main Street is the economic engine, the cultural center, the core of our community. Our Main Streets tell us who we are, how the past has shaped us, and who we want to be.

Wakefield Main Streets is a registered non-profit organization and part of the national Main Street America network (a subsidiary of the National Trust for Historic Preservation). The Main Street movement has spanned three decades and has taken root in more than 2,000 communities throughout the United States – spurring $49 billion in reinvestment in traditional commercial districts; inspiring thousands of volunteers; and helping cities, towns, and villages revitalize their downtown and neighborhood business districts.

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Why Wakefield Main Streets?


Wakefield Main Streets embraces Main Street America’s approach of developing community transformation strategies that are rooted in and build upon our downtown’s existing assets and economic potential. We combine short-term actions for immediate community benefit with long-term efforts for sustainable change.

The key to the Main Street movement’s success has been
a Four-Point Approach that includes Economic Vitality, Organization, Promotion, and Design as crucial elements for preserving and revitalizing commercial districts. Together with the entire Wakefield community, Wakefield Main Streets will focus effort in these four crucial areas to make our downtown a thriving and attractive destination.



The Four Points Approach

Economic Vitality
Wakefield Main Streets works with local business owners and landlords to harness economic opportunities, build upon our historic assets, and establish a unique sense of place to support a thriving small business environment.
Wakefield Main Streets brings residents, businesses, and government together to support and improve our downtown. Our community of dedicated volunteers is the foundation for all of our efforts to revitalize our downtown.
Wakefield Main Streets works to establish our commercial district as the center of the community. Through community outreach, working with businesses, and special events, we seek to increase awareness of our downtown’s assets and make it the center of the Wakefield community.
Wakefield Main Streets works to enhance the physical elements of our downtown to make it more appealing to residents and visitors alike. We support the creation of pedestrian friendly streets, public art, landscaping, adaptive reuse of older and historic buildings, transit oriented development, and more.


Revitalizing Downtown Together!